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The attorneys at Groth & Associates skillfully represent creditors in debt collection and debtor-creditor litigation. They diligently collect debts for a wide variety of clients including individuals, businesses, banks, commercial lenders, landlords, attorneys and other professionals. Contact an attorney from Groth & Associates today to start collecting the money you’re owed.

How long does it take to collect a debt?

Once you have submitted your claim to Groth & Associates with proper documentation, we begin the process of collecting the debt.  After an evaluation of the account, which includes the profile of the debtor and the size of the debt, we make a determination as to the best way to proceed to expedite payment on the account.

Is there a risk associated with submitting a claim to Groth & Associates for collection?

There is no risk in submitting a claim.  There is no initial outlay of money.  In some situations, Clients may pay filing fees.

Do you require a certain number of accounts to be placed?

We have no requirements as to the number of accounts placed with our company.

What if the debtor just won't pay the debt?

An analysis of the claim submitted would be made and an asset search would be considered.