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Groth and Associates is a full service law firm formed by Stevin J. Groth, Esq., a former Assistant Lucas County (Ohio) Prosecutor, who formed the firm to deliver quality legal services with a strong customer service ideal. The firm has downtown offices in Toledo, Ohio and Bowling Green Ohio, focusing on Northwest Ohio, but with a statewide practice, and handling matters in Michigan and Indiana as well.

The firm has eight attorneys, and intends to grow this year again. Groth and Associates lawyers has more than 100+ years of combined experience. Practice areas cover criminal law, personal injury, family law, divorce, dissolution, custody, bankruptcy, real estate, business and more.

This includes the most serious felony criminal matters, murder, rape and drug trafficking, as well as OMVI and DUI charges, misdemeanor charges and federal court matters from Toledo to Cincinnati. Complex divorces, corporate purchases and dissolutions and tricky bankruptcy matters have all been handled by our experienced staff.

Groth and Associate has a strong legal team that not only includes lawyers, but also support staff. As well, the firm regularly uses top-notch private investigators and experts to assist in matters.

As we often say, "Do not hire us to plead you out, or to simply settle it out, hire us to examine, investigate and negotiate. Then we can, together, come to a reasoned resolution, or trial if needed."

The firm's goals are to be responsive to the needs our clients, and our phones ring to a real person, 24/7/365. We always offer a free consultation both over the phone, and if more information is need, in person. Never hire an attorney over the phone.